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Papa’s Forest Bus has arrived at IFC Kubrick by mandyso
29 九月, 2007, 9:55 上午
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The books are there but a new attraction has arrived! Papa’s Forest Bus author, GreeNose ZaZaki, has dedicated one month+ of his time to bring all the readers this dark box of happiness and wonder. Now on display at IFC Kubrick!

New Book Release Presentation at HKBF by mandyso
24 七月, 2007, 11:26 上午
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GreeNose ZaZaki joined two authors from IPHK at the Hall 1 Presentation Booth to talk about his new book, Papa’s Forest Bus. Must admit that there were more people there than expected, which was great! He got two questions as well and in the end, one of the audience members went up to the MCCM booth to get a book and his signature.