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三月 24, 2014, 5:13 下午
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See you all next wed 2 April 8pm at Fringe Dairy.



Peter Suart’s Latest Album Release by mccm
三月 10, 2014, 2:45 下午
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Author Peter Suart (彼得小話)’s latest album release: Innenwelt Und Umwelt – Music for Theatre 2004-2013. Click here to play, and follow him on SoundCloud:

[BOOK LAUNCH] The Act of Creative Sketching by mccm
七月 26, 2013, 9:00 下午
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Thanks everyone for joining the launch! It’s wonderful that Errol Patrick Hugh shared with us his sketching experience. If you haven’t grab your copy yet, do come to our bookshop in Hong Kong Arts Centre!


8 Jun Milk magazine / The Urbanites by mccm
六月 8, 2013, 6:00 下午
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Media Coverage on Milk magazine / The Urbanites

New Title: THE URBANITES by Almond Chu by mccm
六月 1, 2013, 5:51 下午
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New Title: THE URBANITES  by Almond Chu

THE URBANITES is a collection of local photographer Almond Chu’s portrait photographs. What’s interesting about Almond’s photographs? He says, “Sometimes I see myself when I am making portraits: I discover that the subjects and I share some a common character, and I see my own shadow in them as if part of me exists within them. At other times, I intentionally portray my own self in the subject, and people who know me well sometimes read me in the images. This seemingly bizarre experience makes my portraits interesting and exemplifies the style of my portraiture.”

New Title: Hands-On Urbanism 1850-2012 – THE RIGHT TO GREEN by mccm
四月 15, 2013, 9:00 上午
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New Title: Hands-On Urbanism 1850-2012 - RIGHT TO GREEN

MCCM 2013 New Title

HANDS-ON URBANISM1850-2012 – The Right to Green
Edited by Elke Krasny


Hands-on / practical, involving action based on active participation.
Urbanism / urbanization: the culture and way of life of urban dwellers.

Hands-on urbanism, bottom-up urbanism, and irregular urbanization are not the exception to the rule – they are the driving forces behind the urban development and often behind changes in urban policy. From the onset of industrialization, first in Europe and North America and then in the Southern hemisphere, to today’s neoliberal, developer-driven global city, the history of urban transformation processes unfolds as a sequence of critical situations. Gardening and informal settling are indicative of these crises. Taking root from the bottom, these self-organized, self-help practices are dynamic and inspiring agencies of change.

This book presents historical and current case studies of urban development from over ten cities, including Chicago, Leipzig, Vienna, Bremen, Amsterdam, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Porto Alegre, Havana and Quito. It gives an overview of the self-organised, collective, and informal movements in urban areas. Hands-on Urbanism 1850-2012 – The Right to Green is published on the occasion of spring 2012 exhibition at the Architecture Center in Vienna.

民間、自發、非官方規管的城市農耕運動,往往於農村與城市、個人與社區之間開闢灰色地帶,是一股從下而上的城市發展推動力,也是城市規劃的另一個選擇。這股內力自工業革命開始,從歐洲到北美再在南半球傳開,不同城市的開拓者自行發起、組織、研究、推廣和教育,發展一種更自主的生活方式,一個發展商主導以外的城市發展方向。Hands-on Urbanism 從歷史角度出發,研究現今十多個歐、美、亞洲城市個案。

356pp, full-colour
ISBN 978-988-15217-4-3

蠅頭與鳥爪 Fly Head and Bird Claws / media coverage by mccm
四月 8, 2013, 12:00 下午
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蠅頭與鳥爪 Fly Head and Bird Claws  / media coverage

蠅頭與鳥爪! 呵呵,24期四月號《三角志》的書版,其中一個推介書目是我們於上年七月下旬跟也斯一起出版的《蠅頭與鳥爪》詩集。為甚麼叫「蠅頭與鳥爪」呢? 背後其實有個小故事。

書中第132、133頁有一首名為〈吳歷在灣畔作畫〉的詩,詩的第二段寫到「沿路尋覓鄉音與春耕的風俗 / 只找到鋪花的街上錦衣的女子 / 你端起筆來,一心超越眼前 / 具體的市聲,回到神逸的山水 / 你的蠅頭外邊盡是異地的鳥爪」。書名的關鍵字都在這首詩出現,故事當然和吳歷有關。