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MCCM Author Sharing ‘Documentation+’ at AAA Open Weekend 6-July, 2013 by mccm
7 七月, 2013, 4:06 下午
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 MCCM Event - AAA Open Weekend 2013-The Spark - photo 2

MCCM作者梁以瑚、盧沛雄、曾德平、Peter Cookson Smith 於7月6日現身亞洲藝術文獻庫開放週末,跟大家分享他們如何運用不同視覺媒介在書本上記錄和表述自己的故事! 這次作者分享會名為「記錄+」,由我們的編輯兼好友楊陽主持。謝謝大家支持!在場聽眾滿坐,興致勃勃地翻開 Kenneth 盧沛雄的《彌敦道》!

MCCM authors Evelyna Liang, Kenneth Lo, Kith Tsang and Peter Cookson Smith shared with us how their visual stories were documented and told in their books. Our editor-friend Yang Yeung was the moderator! The sharing was amazing. The room was crowded with enthusiatic audience. They even helped us demonstrate how ‘lonnnnnnng’ our book Nathan Road is, ha ha!

MCCM Event - AAA Open Weekend 2013-The Spark - photo 3

We set up a small pop-up bookshop with lovely books of Hong Kong local culture!

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