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8 Jun Milk magazine / The Urbanites by mccm
8 六月, 2013, 6:00 下午
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Media Coverage on Milk magazine / The Urbanites

New Title: THE URBANITES by Almond Chu by mccm
1 六月, 2013, 5:51 下午
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New Title: THE URBANITES  by Almond Chu

THE URBANITES is a collection of local photographer Almond Chu’s portrait photographs. What’s interesting about Almond’s photographs? He says, “Sometimes I see myself when I am making portraits: I discover that the subjects and I share some a common character, and I see my own shadow in them as if part of me exists within them. At other times, I intentionally portray my own self in the subject, and people who know me well sometimes read me in the images. This seemingly bizarre experience makes my portraits interesting and exemplifies the style of my portraiture.”