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Grandma Grandpa Cook Review in Ruizhong Magazine by mccm
31 五月, 2011, 8:10 下午
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Grandma Grandpa Cook goes beyond Hong Kong!

In April, the Swiss-Chinese magazine Ruizhong (瑞中) has featured Grandma Grandpa Cook in their book review. Although grandma / grandpa’s dish is never the same in every country and every home, the aroma always stay in our hearts.

The Ruizhong magazine is a regular publication by the Swiss-Chinese Association (瑞中協會) in Switzerland. Read more about them in


Book launch Next Friday: The Urban Design of Concession by Peter Cookson Smith by mccm
12 五月, 2011, 10:42 下午
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The Urban Design of Concession – Book Launch and Signing on Friday 20th May at Kelly & Walsh Exchange Square
Click here to register online