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18.3.2007. Exhibition Opening by leen
18 三月, 2007, 4:30 下午
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THE BLACK BOOK OF FALLING – a comic book exhibition by Peter Suart

at Hong Kong Arts Centre



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The talk before the show was amazing! I had not read North entirely yet when I went to the talk but I still enjoyed the talk. It was entertaining and it got me thinking about whales and dark, cute things. There were definitely things I didn’t need to know about whales though. But it was interesting to see how so many different ideas can be connected and put into a story. At the end of the talk, Peter touched on Falling. I understood what he said about we think we’re falling and don’t know when we’re going to touch the ground. but we know that it’s going to hurt when we get there. i feel that way. does that mean humans are pesstimistic by nature?
I loved the huge colour print on the wall at the lower level.

迴響 由 man-d

beautiful! thanks peter!

迴響 由 valerie

beautiful experience! thanks peter!

迴響 由 valerie


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